Our Profession

The scope of the professional services rendered by the Estate Surveyors and Valuers includes:

  • Valuation of interests in land and buildings for various purposes: sale, mortgage, insurance, acquisition, probate, stocks and shares, balance sheet, taxation etc.
  • Valuation of plant and machinery, equipment, fixtures and fittings, stock-in-trade, furniture, motor vehicles, engineering installations/ system and infrastructure.
  • Valuation of construction projects.
  • Valuation of oil and gas installation.
  • Valuation of aviation and navigation installations, including aircrafts, ships and vessels.
  • Valuation for compulsory acquisition and compensation purposes.
  • Feasibility/viability appraisal of planned development/project.
  • Estate agency – Property sales and leases
  • Advice on property rights, acquisition and transfer
  • Building maintenance management
  • Project analyses and surveying
  • Property management and development
  • Infrastructure and facilities management
  • Land reform, land registration, planning and analysis
  • Construction/ project management
  • Project finance procurement and syndication
  • Environmental impact survey, analysis and valuation
  • Property inventory and Audit
  • Asset Management
  • Auctioneering

The above list is not exhaustive as more functions of the Estate Surveyor and Valuer are created by statutes, business practices and development in the field of Estate Management/Land Economics from time to time.